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Publish to eBook MarketsScholarly. Scientific. Popular - Smart, no matter how you like your reading. MicroPublica understands the needs of scholarly and scientific publishing. It pairs this with creative media production and exceptional user-experience. It connects you to new channels of distribution and fundraising through consumer markets for eBooks and Apps.

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The Berenike-Nile Roads

Archaeological Surveys: 1988-2014

Among the oldest Ptolemaic Roman thoroughfares that crossed the Eastern Desert of Egypt linking the Nile with the Red Sea coast were those between the Red Sea port of Berenike and emporia on the Nile. Pliny the Elder records that Ptolemy II Philadelphus (reigned ca. 285/283-246 BC) founded Berenike, naming the city after his mother. The port’s creation was undoubtedly part of Philadelphus’ broader program of Nile-Red Sea canal, Eastern Desert road and Red Sea port construction...


Editors: Steven E. Sidebotham (U.Delaware), Henry Wright (U.Michigan), Jennifer Gates-Foster (U.North Carolina), Jean-Louis Rivard (MicroPublica)

Lecture Notes

Seattle '62

The definitive history of traditional Japanese Architecture from the preeminent postwar historian Dr. Itoh Teiji. A privileged view into the fieldwork of the founding father of the investigations of Minka, the architecture of the common people of Japan. Lecture Notes lets you join his travels and research across the Japanese archipelago before modernization erased irreplaceable structures from the remote countryside and mountain ranges of Japan...


Editor: Fred Thompson (U.Waterloo Emeritus)

City of Elephants

Berenike and Ptolemy's War Machine

Based on 30 years of scientific research by a team of explorers with The Berenike Project archaeological mission to the coast of the Red Sea, investigating global networks of trade and power in the ancient world.


Authors: Steven E. Sidebotham (U.Delaware), Jean-Louis Rivard (MicroPublica)

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