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Producer Digital Media

Jean-Louis Rivard


Ian Thomson, Karen Hanson

Executive Producer

Tracy German


Wild Archaeology

13x30min Documentary HDTV Series on APTN and desktop/mobile Community Portal

The archaeological record of the First Peoples of North America is scattered, fragmented, and could be lost forever. Guided by Dr. Rudy Reimer together with two young Aboriginal hosts, take a journey through the mountains, waterways, plains, and Arctic landscapes of Canada’s ancient archaeological record. Discover first-hand the untold story of the original peoples of North America. Wild Archaeology brings to life twelve thousand years of human inhabitation of this land from coast to coast.


We are delighted to announce that APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) and the Canada Media Fund have awarded Wild Archaeology with production financing for 13 episodes for Season 1 of Wild Archaeology!


Branding Development

The Wild Archaeology Identity is derived from two aspects of the show - the adventurous exploration across the remote and "wild" landscapes of Canada, and the scholarly and scientific investigations of "archaeology" that we join in-progress.  Each has it's distinct characater, which in turn inform the font treatment and associated graphics that create a flexible branding system. The simple, bold wordmark becomes an overlay for powerful imagery and textures from the television episodes and behind the scenes moments.  The wordmark also combines with playful graphics that grow out of the leading "WILD", which play off of topics, locations and other specifics of each episode. Subtle colour treatments further link the workmark and graphic overlay, together with the imagery beyond.

Checkout a few samples from the evolution of the Wild Archaeology identity, designed and developed by Jean-Louis Rivard, Producer Digtal Media on WIld Archaeoogy, and founder and CEO of MicroPublica.


Press & Media

- CMF announces new funded productions: Aboriginal history, fiction and children’s fantasy

Toronto, November 14, 2013 – The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today a contribution of over $1.6M to 3 television productions and related websites as part of the Aboriginal Program’s second round of funding...

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