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MicroPublica is a software platform that helps scientists, scholars, creatives, mandate advocates and brands build digital communities around their content. It provides niche-publishing tools for eBooks, Apps, and Web/Microsites, to foster interest, loyalty and passion around a shared experience of exceptional creative media. We partner with thinkers and innovators to help knowledge be open and accessible. We help brilliant minds that are shaping the future. We enable them to reach the world with a digital voice - to change it for the better. We help you publish, broadcast, educate and inspire - digitally - for the Greater Good. And we do this with a platform that helps you generate revenue - because nothing helps your Mission like a new source of funding.


We have assembled an amazing board of advisors, guest editors, technology virtuosos, writers, artists and contributors that have led companies and product launches, written for great publishers and teach at world-class universities. Stay tuned for announcements...

Jean-Louis Rivard, Founder

Jean-Louis created the MicroPublica platform to help visionary ideas communicate with the world... read more



Toronto, November 14, 2013

- CMF announces new funded productions: Aboriginal history, fiction and children’s fantasy

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today a contribution of over $1.6M to 3 television productions and related websites as part of the Aboriginal Program’s second round of funding... Read the Press Release

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