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Share your story, work or brand. Empower your Mission.
Share your story, work or brand. Empower your Mission.

Jean-Louis Rivard

Founder, MicroPublica

Selected Recent Publications

Archaeological Survey of the Berenike-Nile Roads, ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research).  Accepted for publication pending final manuscript review, 2015/forthcoming

Re-Humanizing Technology: Tokyo and National Identity in Japanese Post-War Film, Tampere University of Technology (Finland), Datutop: City + Cinema, 2005

Jurash, Caravan City on the Roads of the Ancients, (Illustrations) L'Archeo Thema, Revue d'archeologie et d'histoire, 2010

Report on the Excavations at Berenike and the Survey of the Egyptian Eastern Desert, Season 6, Chapter 18, Cotsen Intitute of Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2007

Emerald City, Exploration of Egypt's Eastern Desert, Archaeology, Archaeological Institute of America, 2002

Galapagos Bigtop: Technology, Tourism & Catharsis, Waseda University, Tokyo, 2001. (Research Thesis)

Waking Dream/Hakuchuum (Fieldworks), Contemporary Art Factory (Media Installation), Mukojima, Tokyo, 2001

Tricycle Chronicle, Contemporary Art Factory (Media Installation), Mukojima, Tokyo, 2000

Liquid Space / Floating Forest, Jutaku Kenchiku (Residential Architecture), Tokyo, 2000

Reading John Hejduk, Shihyo, Waseda Journal of Architectural History, 2000

City of Water Travelling Exhibition & Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand, 1999

The Japan Times, There goes the neighborhood... into the Future, Tokyo, May 16, 2001 (exhibit/media installation coverage)

Bijutsu Techo (Art Magazine), To move or not to move, Tokyo, no.7, 2001 (exhibit/media installation coverage)

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